My Pad Thai

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Yield: 1 servings

My Pad Thai

3 1/2 tb Distilled white vinegar
2 tb Water
2 1/2 tb Fish sauce
3 tb Tomato paste
2 1/2 tb Sugar
1/2 tb Dried shrimp
— pounded to a powder
9 oz Flat rice sticks, 1/8″ wide
Vegetable oil
1/3 c Fresh sweet basil leaves
– (Thai or purple basil)
2 Red Serrano chili peppers
-seeded & very finely minced
4 Garlic cloves; minced
1 1/2 lg Boned chicken breast halves
– cut crosswise into
– 3/8 inch thick strips -OR-
1 lb -Lean pork, cut into thin
-slices 3/8 inch by 2 inches
8 oz Small, cooked shelled shrimp
2 Eggs; lightly beaten
2 c Fresh bean sprouts
– beans removed
1/4 c Roasted, unsalted peanuts
– coarsely ground
Cherry tomatoes; halved
Lime wedges
Mint sprigs
-OR- sliced green onions

Blend the white vinegar, water, sea food sauce, tomato paste, sugar, in addition to dried shrimp in a very small jar; mix right up until well combined and pre-book. In a sizable pot, soak your noodles within enough water to repay. In a small skillet or maybe pot, heat veggie oil 3/4 to 1 inch deeply to 350 diplomas, or right up until a dried up rice noodle puffs quickly when dropped in the oil. Deep-fry your basil leaves a few at a time, turning them once or twice until they’re crisp, or maybe 40 seconds to a minute; drain in some recoverable format toweling. Bring your noodles to a boil in addition to cook these people 2 moments, or until they’re almost tender. Drain in addition to rinse these people well, then distributed them in some recoverable format toweling to help dry somewhat. Head a new wok or maybe large frying pan and add about 3 1/2 tablespoons veggie oil. Fry your Serrano peppers with regards to 30 just a few seconds, then add your garlic in addition to stir-fry until it can be soft. Add the chicken or pig and stir-fry before chicken is almost opaque during or your pork is usually browned. Stir inside the shrimp plus the sauce in addition to mix totally. Make a new well in the heart of the mixture and pour inside the eggs. Whenever they are almost set, scramble these people evenly. Add half your noodles, throughly making use of them in the mixture; stir inside the remaining noodles in addition to half your bean seedlings. Cook just before bean seedlings are practically wilted. Whole lot the various meats and noodles on a plate. Cover half of these people with ground peanuts plus the other 1 / 2 with raw bean seedlings. Ring your noodles having lime wedges, cherry garlic, and mint sprigs in addition to garnish your top while using fried basil.

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